General terms and conditions of business

Area of application
These terms and conditions apply to contracts between translators and their clients, insofar as no other agreement has either been expressly made or is mandatory by law.
The client’s general terms and conditions of business are only binding for the translator if he or she has expressly acknowledged them.

Scope of the translation contract
The translation will be carefully executed in accordance with the standards of proper professional practice. The client will receive the translation as contractually agreed.

Client’s obligation to cooperate and provide information
The client shall inform the translator in good time about any special requirements regarding the form of the translation (delivery on data storage media, the number of copies required, if the translation must be made ready for printing, formatting of the translation etc.). If the translation is intended for publication, the client shall provide the translator with a proof.
The client shall provide the translator with all information and documents that are required in order to carry out the translation (the client’s glossaries, images, illustrations, charts, abbreviations etc.), in good time and without being requested to do so. The translator shall not be liable for any errors resulting from non-compliance with these obligations.

Rectification of errors
The translator reserves the right to rectify any errors. The client is entitled to claim rectification of any errors that may be contained within the translation. A clear statement indicating the errors in question must accompany any such claim to rectification from the client.
Should corrections or the provision of a new translation not take place then the statutory warranty rights shall come into effect, insofar as no other agreement has been reached.

The translator is liable for any shortcomings caused intentionally or as a result of gross negligence. Liability in cases of minor negligence shall be limited to the breach of fundamental contractual obligations.

Professional discretion
The translator is obliged to maintain strict secrecy regarding all matters that become known to him or her in connection with their professional activities for the client.

Payment is due immediately after the delivered translation has been accepted, or at latest 30 days after receipt of invoice.
In addition to the agreed remuneration, the translator is also entitled to reimbursement of any expenses that have actually been incurred and that have been agreed upon with the client. In case of contracts with private clients, the value added tax is included in the total fee and listed separately in the invoice. In all other cases it shall be calculated additionally, where required by law. The translator is entitled to request an advance payment/fee in the case of large-volume assignments, where such is necessary for the processing of the assignment. In duly substantiated cases, the translator may make the submission of his or her work contingent upon receiving the full fee in advance.
If no agreement has been made regarding the size of the fee, the client shall pay a remuneration that is deemed appropriate and usual for the type and degree of difficulty of the translation assignment. The rates listed in the statutes for reimbursement of witnesses and expert witnesses shall be considered a minimum of what is appropriate and usual.

Reservation of title and copyright
The translation remains the property of the translator until full payment has been received. Until that time, the client does not have the right to use the translation.
The translator remains the owner of the copyright of the translations.

Applicable law
The order and all claims resulting therefrom are subject to the law of the Federal Republic of Germany.
The validity of these terms and conditions as a whole shall not be affected by the invalidity or ineffectiveness of individual clauses.